Book: Graphic Principles

Condensing the first academic term participating and contributing in London College of Communication’s BA in Graphic and Media Design, this book is composed to draw out the best lessons and principles which build upon the foundation of visual communication.


Demonstrated are various projects throughout the term, the thought process, and further discoveries on each principle, revealing the possibility for independent development into the ever-widening horizon of graphic communication from the bottom up.

Comprised of five chapters and thus five principles of graphic communication. From how to organise data and the understanding of visual form, to designing information environments and understanding the anatomy of type, these principles, these chapters, internalised are the tools of any working graphic designer and give the foundations needed to draw upon bigger ideas into the philosophy of design.

Some of the writing in this book may seem familiar to those who’ve read the blog. It’s not laziness. It’s just some of principles here, echo into some of the explorations showcased in my blog and so proved appropriate to conjoin; built into the outlined principle to illustrate points of interest.