Logo Identity: Pete Davies

Pete Davies a working musician in the vein of The Beatles, ELO and The Beach Boys, is a  singer-songwriter looking for a logo identity to express his desired reputation. Pete Davies needed something that elicited something classically vintage with a warm authenticity.


Naturally aligning with the archetype of the ‘everyman’, we looked to assert traits of a faithful, salt of the earth, honest friend. This became the direction in which all decisions were filtered.

Solution One

Solution Two

Solution Three

The chequered life Pete Davies has lived has enabled his many professions, and the logo would additionally need to work to encapsulate all three.


Keeping in line with the vintage vernacular for the client, we created a flowing 1970’s-style typeface. More ornamental and decorative, we stepped away slightly from the modern language of previous solutions and showcased what the brand could communicate with another, more ‘handmade’ and thus ‘personal’ aesthetic.

Final Delivery

We decided to go with solution three, seeing the value of a more rustic aesthetic in conjunction with his music; highlighting the authenticity and honesty of Pete Davies’ desired reputation as an artist. This was then applied across all touchpoints including relevant social media channels and album artwork which you can view the whole project of here.