Logo Identity: Lavender Skies

Starting this project, we laid out four agreed key objectives and a good visual direction for what the logo for Lavender Skies should achieve. These objectives were to attain memorability among potential fans while communicating an approachable and casual persona. We agreed that the logo should be easily adaptable for any application and/or future redesigns, and to be distinctive among the current landscape of music in similar genres.


The visual direction of the logo, which was more of a guide only to aid the design process, not to necessarily communicate the emotions laid out were to be optimistic, approachable, and melancholic/thoughtful.

Solution 1b

This is an alteration of Solution 1a.


This solution contains the same motifs as 1a but has employed the use of a different, more casual typeface. It’s fatter in its tone and has the tight kerning to give a condensed, less subtle atmosphere. It still has the refinement present in 1a but collides everything together for a more robust, unhinged visual tone.

Final Delivery


The final delivery was an alteration of solution 1b following meetings and advising on the best steps forward to agreement on the final logo. Delivery included the standard assets including light and dark versions among all file types for all necessary applications.