Book: London Green Spaces

Having always had an ongoing gratitude for London’s free spaces, I discovered that London has the most green spaces for any major city in the world. With over 3000 parks, this makes up almost 20% of London’s area.


The goal was to tell this story in a visual compendium ad nauseum of every green space in London, from public parks to play spaces, all the way to village greens to church yards complete.


Isolating the spaces, each park is held as equal, providing a unique fingerprint on London as a place of respite and freedom from the tight confusion of a buzzing metropolis.


This proves to be a different story on the city of London. One where we can feel the relative sizes from the biggest adventure space of Richmond Park to something as quaint or humdrum as Bromley Crescent Playground. And here they all are, for all of us.