Creative Coding: Subdivisions

Nothing is added, only taken away – taking image data from either a live webcam or digital image and reduces it with larger modules of sampled data for creative manipulation.


Similar to how something like a distortion effect affects audio signal – degrading and downsampling the signal for novel and creative output – this takes an image and downsamples the data for a controlled demolition of image; from something representational to complete abstraction.

Pixelation is nothing new and hardly anything to write home about but what this proves to be is a unique type of layered pixelation; an exploration and study into reduction and representation, gestalt theory, and modular graphics.


As we reduce and reduce, in form, colour and content, it transforms until the original transmission of representative image is lost and something else entirely novel is left in its place, even though technically all the same image data is still very much present. data toward a progressive and measured output.