Twitch Identity: MetalMad83

For this project, we worked to establish an accessible logo identity for a Twitch Channel targeted for all ages and all game genres while retaining excitement and edge.


To establish this on Twitch, the deliverables necessary were two banner graphics (standard and offline), profile graphics and panel graphics (links) all ensuring that each is adaptable to the constraints of the platform and adaptable for other media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Discord, among others.

During the research phase of this project, we saw many other gaming channels on Twitch either employing an aggressive visual style or using a fun softer visual language. From this, we decided to establish an objective to hit somewhere in between – achieving something which was as evocative and as high-energy as the more serious energy drink-swilling ‘hardcore gamers’, but had the gloss and veneer of a fun and approachable game channel.

In many of these types of social media projects where people or a person is at the forefront of the brand, I usually advise having the visual assets include photo imagery of the people in some way – it simply works better for attracting curious first followers.


For this project, however, this wasn’t an option (at least at this stage in development), so we created a variety of profile graphics to choose from, from the simple ‘MM’ symbol which was developed to the full logotype with options inbetween.

Each platform is different, and in Twitch you have ‘Panel’ links which take the audience to more information on the channel. We finalised two different versions – a more conservative option utilising Univers Extended, and a more expressive option featuring type based on the logotype of the identity.